Bodywork for your best friend

Complementary Care Supporting Your Pet's Health

Many of us have felt the benefit of a massage or other bodywork. These same benefits are available for your pet!

These benefits include:

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For the Canine Athelete

Massage benefits recovery during and after athletic competitions. Warming the muscles preparing them to work at peak performance from the first heat and clearing out waste products from the tissue in-between heats and at the end of the day. Work up to 24 hours before and after a competition will benefit performance and reduce injuries.

For the Geratric Pet

Massage provides physical and mental comfort to your Senior Pet and improve mobility and body function by benefiting the circulation and oxygen and nutrients throughout the body.

For the injured

Massage circulates blood through injured areas and reduces swelling from edema. Injuries cause the body to compensate so the body can still move. This creates sore areas from sudden over-use. These areas benefit from massage as well.

What Massage IS:

Massage is a complementary therapy to improve the quality of life of your animal companions. While I can provide relief from pain and discomfort for a period of time, the underlying reasons for pain should be researched and understood by your veterinarian. Pain and /or discomfort are the body’s alarm signal.

Animals dealing with chronic and terminal issues can have a better quality of life through massage comfort care.

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